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Cover of The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age

The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age

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Key Points:

  • Future Predictions: Explores the transition from industrial to information-based society and its impact on individuals and governments.
  • Economic Strategies: Offers strategies for financial adaptation during this major shift.
  • Technological Impact: Discusses how technological advancements will alter power structures and individual autonomy.
  • Historical Context: Provides a metahistorical view of societal changes through different ages.


“The Sovereign Individual” by James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg presents a comprehensive look at the transition to the Information Age and its profound implications. The authors predict a shift from industrial-based economies to ones dominated by information and technology, which will empower individuals while diminishing the power of traditional governments. The book combines economic strategies, technological insights, and historical analysis to offer a roadmap for navigating this significant transformation.

Highly recommended by folks such as Peter Thiel and Naval Ravikant, this book is seen as prescient and thought-provoking, providing readers with a detailed understanding of the future landscape of society and economy THE SOVEREIGN INDIVIDUAL | Kirkus Reviews The Sovereign Individual: Book Recommendations & Review.